Two-Legged Pit Bull Gets Puppy Brother And The Love Is Out Of Control!

A dog named Fifty is missing a front and a back leg. He lost his legs when he was shot by a police officer just for being a Pit Bull. Can you even imagine such cruelty?

Some critics would say that a dog with such a major impairment should be euthanized. Thankfully – a wonderful woman adopted him and has proved that that was a ridiculous and preposterous idea. Fifty is thriving.

In fact, Fifty has become quite the celeb on social media and has helped promote rescue and adoption throughout the world!

Fifty recently got a new foster brother – and it just happens to the CUTEST PUPPY EVER! It’s like a little mini Fifty! Her name is Jane

Fifty and little tiny Jane instantly fell in love and formed a crazy bond. You can almost feel the love and connection through the computer screen.

Their love is something to be adored. They could care less about their decade age difference.

Check out their love story below! He is a doting and protective older brother. It shows!

Jane was found abandoned at a train station – she was saved by a Good Samaritan and Fifty’s owner is currently looking over her until she gets adopted. I say she should keep her!

Source: http://dogsmakelifebetter.com

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