This Cat Born With Two Legs And One Ear Will Melt Your Heart!


Disabilities make it easy for people’s moods to never lift. Trying to cope with these conditions and being able to do the things that are considered “ordinary” puts them in a world of their own.

How can they be accepted by society when it continues to treat them differently? Some people try to ignore it and do the best that they can, but others aren’t so fortunate to have such self-confidence.


But Esparanca the cat couldn’t care one way or the other.


This feline living in Brazil was born missing one ear and without her front paws.


One would think that this would be very challenging for a cat to get around or even function, but that isn’t the case.


Esparanca – which is Portuguese for Hope – couldn’t be a happier feline.


She can still walk around, play in boxes, use the litter box and climb all over the furniture just as any cat would.


She’s not going to let these obstacles stand in her way just because someone tells her she’s different.


Despite the lack of an ear, her hearing is still perfect, so you can bet your bottom dollar she can hear the food falling into her dish from any room.


There’s absolutely nothing stopping this cat from doing anything that she wants, and she does it all with a smile on her face and a happy bob of her tail.


Perhaps we can learn a lesson from this cat’s positivity and apply it to our own lives.


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Source: heroviral.com

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