They Decided to Foster a Tiny Kitten But Didn’t Expect the Family Dog to Become Obsessed!


Introducing a new four-legged member to the family isn’t always easy. Just like human siblings, pet siblings might not always get along and tend to compete for attention from their parents. Having grown up with younger siblings, we can totally relate to the mixed feelings of happiness and annoyance when a new little one comes into the picture. Sure, weeventually learned to love our younger siblings … but let’s just say it was an uphill climb.

Sometimes, however, the transition from only pet-child to sibling is not only effortless, it’s borderline magical. Just take this dog and his new foster kitten sibling for example.

Imgur user HellaOld explains that they took in a kitten to foster and their dog immediately became obsessed with his new friend.

“Can you believe how cute this new little fuzzy mom and dad brought me is!?”


“I just can’t get over how cute and TINY those feet are. Seriously, I could just eat dem … how do they even hold you up?”


“You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love!”

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“I shall call him Fuzzy, and he will be my Fuzzy.”


“ERMAGERRD he’s sleeping again, don’t worry little cat, I will protect your precious slumber!”


We can’t imagine that this pup will take it well when the kitten is old enough to be adopted into a forever home … but we have a strong feeling that this little guy might become a “foster failure” and end up making this temporary home, permanent.

All image source: HellaOld/Imgur 

Source: onegreenplanet.org

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