Stray Dog Running In The Street Almost Got Killed By Car, Then Rescuers Transformed Her Entire Life

A little stray dog was found running frantically through the streets all alone. She was extremely scared and was almost killed in traffic before a Good Samaritan got ahold of her and brought her to the SICSA Pet Adoption Center.

The dog was in really bad shape. Her fur was so matted and overgrown that you couldn’t even see her paws. Clumps of filthy hair covered her eyes and feces was caught in the matts of her back legs.

SICSA has their own groomer who got started on the pup right away. He began shaving off all of the matts to reveal the adorable little dog who was underneath. Her paws took up most of the day since they were heavily matted around her overgrown nails.

Once she was done being shaved, the next stop was bathing her to get all of the filth off. It’s unknown how long she was walking around in that condition for, but I’m sure this felt so relieving for her!

They named the dog Raggedy Ann and put her up for adoption. It didn’t take long before she found her furever family! They renamed her Luna and she is doing great! She loves frolicking in her new yard and taking naps with her two new dog sisters. Thank goodness that Luna got a second chance and found her happy ending!

Watch her full story in the video below:

Source: theanimalrescuesite.com