Shelter Cat Reaches Out His Paw To Human Demanding To Be Adopted

John Hwang is a photographer that often goes into the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter to snap portraits of the animals that live there and perhaps help them find permanent homes but one particular day, Hwang was walking through a part of the shelter that’s not visited very often, a place where they keep animals in kennels before they can get check ups, when he felt a little paw trying to reach for him.

Turns out, a cat named MeowMeow was trying to reach for John, as a way to demand his attention and maybe get him to adopt the feline which he definitely felt compelled to but with his wife being allergic to cats, it just wasn’t possible.

However, the two had a lovely moment and John even took a gorgeous portrait of the kitty, in hopes it would help get him adopted, as his photographs have helped before!

More info: Baldwin Park Animal Shelter – h/t: The Dodo

Source: Top13.com

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