Scolding His Rescue Dog Doesn’t Go As Planned

Macie is a 14-year-old rescue dog with quite the personality, according to her owner.

The pooch is obviously very comfortable in her home, lounging on the couch and watching television. But soon Macie’s personality comes to light as she begins to whine and moan, much to the dismay of her owner. “Don’t talk over me,” he says, “I’m not sure who you think you are.” Macie isn’t phased by his words, as she continues to vocalize her thoughts. “We don’t talk back like that,” he exclaims.

Check out the video below to see a rather sassy Macie in action. She certainly thinks she’s the head of the house, and honestly, it appears to be that way.

What did you think of Macie? Would her antics get on your nerves? Or is she too adorable to scold?