Pregnant Cat Walked Into Couple’s House, And Hasn’t Left Since


A stray kitty walked into a couple’s home, meowing and begging to stay with the humans. Angela Watts and James Harold were hanging with friends when they heard the feline.

“When I heard her cry behind the door, I opened it, she walked in and hasn’t left since,” James Harold told The Dodo. The cat felt right at home after she invited herself into the couple’s house. “We decided to keep her after we gave her a bath and she fell asleep in my hands,” They noticed her swollen belly when she arrived, but weren’t sure if it was related to an infection or parasite.

After taking the cat to the vet, it was confirmed that the sweet cat was pregnant. After a few weeks, she birthed two kittens. They decided to keep them with their cat mom. Callisto (gray) and Io (black), named after two of Jupiter’s Galilean moons. Jupiter and her kittens love their home, and couldn’t be happier. Share Jupiter on Facebook!






Source: littlemeows.com

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