Neighbors Think German Shepherd Is Dangerous, So Neighbor Hits Record As Mailman Approaches

Dogs are not usually aggressive creatures and when they become angry, it is usually for a very good reason. They are territorial animals who simply want to make sure that their loved ones are always okay. As owners of dogs, it is then up to us to provide them with the love and affection that they so richly deserve. Teaching dogs the proper manner is a crucial aspect of dog ownership.

This is especially true when we have guests at our homes. When dogs start to become aggressive with visitors, it is usually because the person is perceived as a threat to them. While we can teach them all of the right things when it comes to matters like these, visitors’ behavior goes a long way towards determining their actions. Just take a look at the mailman in this clip for instance.

Some mailmen treat dogs as a nuisance and they act in a very standoffish manner towards them. This special postman is from New Zealand and he is here to show us what can happen when you are kind to a dog. It is understandable for a dog to lash out at someone that they view as an intruder. It is not understandable for mailmen to stoop to their level.

That’s what makes this video so endearing to watch. The mailman has clearly taken the time to put in the proper effort. He has built a relationship of trust with the dog and they have a wonderful rapport as a result. If only every mailman thought like this one, right? What a wonderful world that would be for us to live in!

Best of all, this man had zero ideas that he was being videotaped. He did not put on a show for the cameras and this clip showcases his natural relationship with the animal. The most telling aspect of this clip is that the dog does not even have to sniff the mailman to know that he is okay. They are already the very best of friends.

Hidden camera videos can often check people in the act when they are engaging in the highly questionable behavior. What a welcome switch to have a video like this one. If this video touched your feels zone in the same way that it did ours, then be sure to share it with all of the dog lovers that you know.

Source: http://www.animalloversnews.com