Neglected Cane Corso Who Ended Up On Death Row In Shelter Only Wants To Be Hugged

After his owner went to prison for drugs, Hero was never reclaimed. One woman championed to save the Cane Corso and reached out to Vet Ranch, who became his very last hope for survival.

Not only did Hero have advanced heart worms, he had mange and a tumor on his foot that Dr. Kerri was worried might be cancer. But thankfully, it wasn’t! Hero is now ready for his forever home. Second Chance Rescue NYC is helping him find a family and says of Hero, “He is such a sweetheart. He loves loves loves to cuddle. On the couch on the floor on the bed, he will do anything to be touched.”

Note: this video contains graphic surgery from min 4:00 through 5:23. Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: reshareworthy.com