Lost Dog Can’t Believe She’s Seeing Her Owner Again Until She Smells Him

When a dog named Pakita escaped from her yard, she probably imagined she’d only be away from home for a short while. But unfortunately for the little pup, her dream escape didn’t go as planned.

After getting out, Pakita wandered the streets unable to find her way home. She seemed destined to become one of many homeless street dogs struggling each day just to survive. But luckily for Pakita, Argentina’s Arca Animal Refuge stepped in and saved her life.

Her rescuers cared for the sweet dog as best as they could, but because of her age and condition, finding a new family proved impossible. The dog spent two long years at the refuge, during which time her memory of home had seemingly all but faded.

Until one day a stranger came in — and that man turned out to be Pakita’s former owner!

In the video footage of their reunion, it’s clear Pakita is initially unsure of what to make of the man who calls out to her. While two years may be a short time for humans, it’s a bit longer in dog years!

Pakita is shy and cautious as she gets close to the enthusiastic stranger. But then, she catches his scent and it’s as if all the memories of her happy past life come flooding back.

She runs up to her long-lost owner and showers him with sloppy kisses.

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