Kitten Who Was Abandoned By Her Mother Is Now Thriving A Year Later

We’re always led to believe that a mother’s love for her children is never-ending. While that is very true in most cases, it is not the case in every situation.

Sadly, many feral cats lose their mothers, either to the elements or human interference, but sometimes, the mom just leaves. As feral cats are not fixed, females can become pregnant with no intention of caring for the babies, as the mother herself might still be young. It is very sad, and this is a reason why many organizations trap and release feral cats. They get them fixed to avoid these instances.

Ripley was abandoned by her mother less than a day after she was born. Her human mom posted her entire journey on Imgur and how Ripley was found in a litter, but quickly became the lone survivor of her group.

Thankfully for cats like Ripley and this kitten found in a garbage truck, there are many humans who love to help out!


Ripley was not the first of her litter that was found.

When the Imgur user Arthisbeapirate heard noises outside her window, she rushed out with a neighbor and found three kittens in a bush. It was only after further inspection that they found a fourth kitten off to the side.


Ripley’s siblings were tangled together in their umbilical cord. The four kittens were taken to a vet, where the doctor removed the umbilical cord.

Sadly, one of Ripley’s siblings did not make it through surgery.


The kittens were all malnourished and severely dehydrated. It was apparent their mother left shortly after their birth.

More sadness came as Ripley’s remaining two siblings passed away only days after being rescued.


Ripley was the soul survivor of her litter and things did not look hopeful.

But, she pulled through and finally, her mom felt it was ok to name the kitten. She named her Ripley, after “the ultimate badass survivor — Eleanor Ripley.”


Ripley’s mom tried to reunite her with her birth mother, as she saw the cat around the area.

The attempts were all unsuccessful and eventually, the cat stopped coming around.


Ripley is now 1 year old and perfectly healthy!

She is a fairly normal cat, who enjoys snuggling with her stuffed animal, getting into places she shouldn’t, and laying with her mama.

Source: littlethings.com

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