French Bulldog Makes Scene On Sidewalk. What He’s Demanding–OMG!

This little French Bulldog might as well have cried out, written up a petition and solicited a court order. His intentions are rather plain to see. Right from the get go, you just know what he’s trying to convey.

No doubt having had a stressful walk and all tuckered out, this cute and charming pet decides that enough is enough. He plants his feet, hunches in, cements his grounds and decides to call it quits.

To anybody who has had a dog, this scenery might as well have been scripted. It’s the sort skit that happens way too often in a dog lover’s life.

One minute you’re strolling along, marveling at the sites and taking in the ambience. Your best friend jumping up and down besides you, content with smelling the roses and fire hydrants.

Then you feel a pull, a pant, the slobbering of a tongue. You glance back, your dog is lagging behind, yet he follows your footsteps. His face screams of ”I’m done with all this walking.”

10 minutes later, inertia seizes you and you snapback in your step. This is a struggle dog owners have to deal with, and frankly, it’s a small price to pay.

Your arm pulled to your back, straight and strong. You suddenly experience what it must feel like to haul a two ton stone. Splayed on the sidewalk, arms outstretched and flummoxed, your darling friend.

A look that says, “Come on, carry me already…” He’s just not walking. He’s had enough of that, he’s done with that!

Source: thewagging.dog