Dog With A Broken Leg Found Desperately Trying To Warm Himself In A Pile Of Garbage

Many pets are naturally able to fend for themselves without human care, even in extreme conditions. Some, however, are often too domesticated to be able to transition to street life, and in those cases, chance of survival is slim to none.

That’s what makes this pit bull’s story especially terrible. The pooch was abandoned on the streets of Detroit, Michigan in the dead of winter with no salvation in sight. But what happened next was a true miracle.

This poor pit bull was abandoned in Detroit, Michigan in the middle of winter. He tried to keep warm by covering himself in garbage.

That’s when Terri Looby, a volunteer at the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), found him while on her lunch break with a friend. They had to coax him into the car, but he finally jumped in.

The pit bull mix was so desperate to keep warm, he kept himself curled into a ball.

His recovery wasn’t over yet, though. The dog was badly malnourished.

So it’s no surprise he happily ate the chicken patty Terri and her friend fed him! They decided to call him Ollie-Loo.

According to a neighbor that spoke to Terri, Ollie-Loo’s family had been kicked out of their home just a week earlier. They’d abandoned Ollie-Loo after finding a smaller dog.

After a veterinarian’s checkup, it was revealed that Ollie-Loo had recently broken his femur.

Ollie-Loo, estimated to be only about a year-and-a-half-old, needed a plate in his leg to heal the broken femur.

Ollie-Loo is still waiting for his surgery, but in the meantime, he’s being well-taken care of!

There are few things better than seeing a dog living a good life after having been treated so poorly. Thankfully, he’ll never have to rough it outside ever again! Hopefully he finds a loving forever home soon!

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