Dog spots a distressed baby crying. Now watch the dog comfort the baby and stop him from crying

When our babies are fussy, sometimes it’s a good idea to call in the family dog for assistance.

This gentle lab, whose name is Peanut, was exactly what a crying baby needed for comfort. Lucky for us, Mom caught Peanut’s adorable actions on camera for us too look at, and we can’t help but admire Peanut’s expertise with the tiny infant.

When he saw the distressed baby, Peanut stepped in to save the day. His nuzzles and licks were an instant relief to the baby’s discomfort, so much so that the baby couldn’t get enough! There’s something about a kind, loving dog that is soothing to anyone, even to a newborn baby.

This heartwarming moment is probably the beginning of many between Peanut and his baby friend, and the two are sure to share a wonderful friendship in the future.

Get your daily dose of cuteness by watching Peanut’s effortless baby skills in the video below!

Source: shareably.net

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