Dog Eats Baby’s Snack. Baby Starts To Cry. Dog Does Something So Unexpected And Hilarious

This baby does not really like to share and we totally get it. It can be very annoying when you are enjoying a meal and someone comes to take it from you. It can make a person downright angry so you can imagine how this boy must feel after having his snack snatched by a dog.

The kid in this video was in no mood to share his snack. But his resolve to eat it all himself was certainly no match for the dog’s determination to have some.

The little boy was enjoying some crackers when the adorable doggie decided that he would like some too. It soon became a tug-of-war between dog and baby but the kid soon lost.

After munching on the boy’s snack, he was obviously very unhappy and soon burst into tears of frustration. One would expect some level of sympathy from the dog but his reaction was so unexpected and hilarious. Seriously, no one saw that coming.

There was just way too much cuteness going on, it’s hard to watch the video just once.

Source: wikr.com