Bodycam Video Shows Death Defying Rescue Of Dog From Burning Apartment

Our amazing police officers not only look after us but also our four-legged friends too, this harrowing footage filmed by a police officers bodycam shows the exactly what happened…

It all happened in Atlanta and the police officer rescued a dog from a burning apartment complex porch.

Several of the first responders tried to rescue the dog, now aptly named Smokey, they discovered him in terrible danger where the fire was raging and fierce.

It’s not completely clear why Smokey was on his own there in the complex, but one thing is for sure, he is now going to live the rest of his life thanks only to the fast actions of the responders!

The dramatic and amazing bodycam footage really shows what happened first hand, watch the video below…

The City of Atlanta Police Department posted to their page thay Smokey is resting at a local shelter, he is ready for adoption and looking for love and hugs in a forever home.

You can find out about smokey and get more information by contacting the LifeLine Animal Project at Fulton County.

The apartment’s porch where he was rescued from was an abandoned apartment and the mystery how he got there looks never to be completely clear, we are so happy he was saved by the amazing first responders that day!

Some things you can do to help protect animals from fire:

“Donate animal-sized oxygen masks to your local police and fire departments.”

This can really make the difference between life and death to your pet, check to see if your local authorities have these already, if not maybe you could start a fundraiser to get them…

“Have an animal emergency kit readily available.”

The Kit needs to include

  • A harness and leash or a carrier
  • Bottled water
  • Food and water bowls
  • Dry and canned food
  • A copy of your animal paperwork
If you have a cat, have some litter and a little litter tray ready to go!

Leave a sign in your window either one you buy or one you made to alert emergency services there is a pet in your house.

When you evacuate from a fire remember to leash your animal or secure them so they can’t escape into danger as you exit.

Pet ID tags will help increase the like the likelihood that they will be reunited with you if they are lost ih an emergency (a microchip also works!)


Source: https://doggiescare.com