A Cat Gives Birth To Four Adorable Kittens. Few Days Later She Founds A New Child In Her Litter. Her Reaction Is Priceless

Alas, not every mother is eager to take care of her own children, not to mention someone else’s offsprings! However, Snaggle Puss is willing to accept and love every little one on the planet. That’s why when Bubble lost his mom, the red cat from the UK was ready to feed, lick and carry the furry ball just like her own!

Just take a look at her! How loving and caring she is. When her foundling was taken away from her, she came for him, although it couldn’t cry and call for her. I always thought that cats predominantly communicate with each other with the help of meowing.

Many times have I seen a lost kitten crying out loud until its mom comes for it to comfort and protect. However, this couple seems to understand each other without sounds! How sweet!